A Little Bit of Home and a Little Bit of Rome!

So usually our blog is dedicated to giving you the low down on what to see and do in Rome each week but I thought I’d change that up a little. This one is consequently titled “A little bit of home and a little bit of Rome!” These past two days reflect that and how even though we are 5,500 miles away the little things make it feel like you could walk outside and be several places in the US. However then there are places you visit unlike anywhere else in the world. For a few friends and me that would be the Vatican Museum home of the Sistine Chapel, the Hard Rock Café Roma, and a little boy’s 5th birthday party.

As my lovely roommate Lena discussed in her recent post the Vatican Museum is a little bit of Heaven; with corridors of rooms painted and decorated to perfection. After winding through several of these you descend a set of stairs, an air of quite consumes the surroundings, and you step into the Sistine Chapel. As we walked in and turned our eyes to the ceiling The Creation of Adam by Michelangelo stares back down. It’s quite the sight to behold as these frescoes are gorgeous. After exiting I comment that can now be marked off my bucket list, because isn’t that what traveling is all about; experience unique cultures all over the world, and seeing things that leave you in awe.

After we make the long walk across the city to the Hard Rock Café Roma and once inside it is apparent this has an American style. The servers speak English, and the menu is all in English which is something uncommon here. We order burgers with cheddar cheese and BBQ sauce, ribs, and fries. This is one of the first times it has truly felt like home. As we compare the other Hard Rocks we’ve visited while we eat, it no longer feels like when we walk out doors we will be an ocean away from Oklahoma, we are just enjoying a little taste of America.

Lastly a birthday party, something we all look forward to especially as a little kid. It’s a tradition to get together with friends and family, play games, blow out candles, and open presents but for our Professor’s son, his 5th birthday is a unique one. Not many kids would be ok with hanging out with a bunch of 20 year olds, however he makes the most of having us all play pin the tail on the doggy. Again this feels like home, especially when the homemade brownies come out as the cake. And there’s nothing like a remote control car to make a little boy as happy as can be.

So we are learning it’s about the little things in this adventure that are the true entertainment. The little things that make you feel like home and the little things that make you feel miles and miles away from ordinary. The Vatican Museum, Hard Rock Café Roma, and a birthday party are all fun adventures just with different perspectives. So let us continue to enjoy birthdays, and marking things off our bucket lists a little by little.