Interviewer: Ana Hernandez
What is your favorite outfit?
Dr. Stephanie Pilat: A skirt, Black sweater and boots.
If you could own and or make fashion for Rome, What would it look like?
Dr. Stephanie Pilat: It would definitely be more lively, more colorful, and with a lot more texture.
Do you dress according to where you’re going, like city state or country? Or do you carry your own style everywhere?
Dr. Stephanie Pilat: I carry my own style!

Moda Roma: Naples + Fashion Interview with Tyler Yamamoto

Naples Shopping!

Ana Hernandez

Napoli (Naples) is not what I pictured instead, it is what I would call “ La Citta di un bel disastro” a city made of a beautiful disaster!  The people that make up the city are very happy and nice they don’t stare at you like they do in Rome. The architecture is amazing especially the small streets that are made by apartment blocks climbing up the hills. They city is beautiful in its own way not like Rome, and much less Firenze (speaking in terms of trash). Although they might not have trash figured out quite yet but one thing they do have down is …SHOPPING.  I went to Napoli this past weekend where I found a fantastic galleria, tons of shops, and multiple street vendors. I was unexpectedly amazed by how many saldi I saw. I thought the saldi were over?” well not in Napoli! Sales signs were screaming from of the windows, and shops all over, especially in the historical district.

The fashion that one finds in Napoli is very similar to that of Firenze with fewer puffy coats and more leather. There is more of a young vibe with a higher sense of what fashion should be like. You see more unique styles vs. what you see in Rome; which is a fluffy down feather comforters in the shape of what is supposed to be a coat with jeans or leggings and boots. I also noticed more of a punk rock style for young teenagers. Moreover, Napoli is filled with different styles of fashion. So if you are in Italy and need some cheap shopping and a variety of places to go from markets, to shops and galleries NAPOLI is your destination! Below are a couple of pictures of places and streets to shop in while in Napoli! ENJOY!

Galleria Umberto

Via de Corso Guiseppe Garibaldi

More streets to shop!

    • Via Toledo
    • Via Chiaia
    • Via dei Mille
    • Via Duomo

Student Interview: Tyler Yamamoto

Interviewer: Leah Schroeder

Do you think it is more important to look your best or be comfortable?

Tyler: Both are important but I do like to look nice. I like a dressy casual style and for me quality and comfort go hand in hand.

Here in Rome, which styles or trends have caught your eye?

Tyler:I see a lot of older men with long over coats and caps.

What designers or labels do you admire?

Tyler:Prada make a nice suit. I could never afford one but I like the look.

Where do you look for fashion advice?

Tyler:I make up my own opinions about style. I like slim fitting clothing , pieces that are nice and tailored.

What colors do you gravitate towards?

Tyler:I used to wear mostly black but now I tend to wear a lot of blues, reds and purples. I stay away from yellows and greens.

What are your favorite wardrobe items?

Tyler:I’m a big watch person. I’ve been into watches for a long time and I think everyone should own a nice watch. I also like socks in a nice pattern and sunglasses. A nice accessory compliments an outfit.

What would be your top tier pick for a watch?

Tyler:I like a skeleton face watch from Maurice Lacroix. I also like watches from Blancpain and Ulysse Nardin.

Have you adapted your wardrobe since you have been here in Rome?

Tyler:I tend to dress a little nicer, I’ve been wearing button down shirts and trousers mostly. People dress so casual in the U.S. It’s nice to have the opportunity to dress well.

From Rome to Firenze: Kymber Kincanon’s Interview


Interviewer: Ana Hernandez

How would you describe Roman fashion compared to Florentine fashion?

Kymber: Firenze was more touristy and young, so I saw a lot more variety of style. As for in Rome, everyone wears those puffy jackets, so I don’t really know what their style is actually like.

What do you prefer in regards to Roman fashion vs. Florentine or even ours back home (America)?

Kymber : Firenze was less expensive, but they didn’t have entire districts devoted to shopping like Rome’s Via del Corso ect. For a college kid on a budget, Firenze was better, but when I get rich and famous, I’ll do my shopping in ROME.

Did you shop in Firenze? If so where?

Kymber: Of course, H&M, Zara, and a thousand different shoe stores before I found the perfect pair.!

Do you like Firenze more than you like Rome?

Kymber: Yep! I like Florence better for the good prices, and the style was younger! It suited my tastes better.

What do you like best about the fashion in Rome?

Kymber: Everyone seems to be really well dressed beneath those enormous winter coats. It’s seemed a little more relaxed in Florence. Rome just makes you want to be FABULOUS!

Moda Roma: Fashion Interview with Student Erik Medina

Student Interview: Erik Medina

Interviewer: Leah Schroeder

What changes have you made to the way you dress since you’ve been in Rome?

Erik:Everyone here wears scarfs and I usually don’t back home but I’ve bought two already. I’ve been trying to adapt to the culture.

What are your impressions of “Bella Figura” here in Rome?

Erik:I’ve seen a lot of people wearing puffy down coats which are ridiculous, but I’ve also noticed the men dress well and usually look very put together with their scarves and coats.

How do you find the shopping here?

Erik:The shopping culture here is different. You don’t have to go to a mall to shop, it’s really an enjoyable experience to walk along the streets and look at the stores.

Where do you like to shop here in Rome?

Erik:Mostly I have shopped around the Campo de Fiori area. I found some shoes and a blazer in a shop on Via Dei Giubbonari.

What is your favorite item in your wardrobe?

Erik: I like this charcoal blazer I brought with me, the material and the texture are nice.

How would you describe your style?

Erik:I prefer to be comfortable but also stylish. I like an affordable style that is modest and not excessive but still comes across as elegant.

Where does your fashion inspiration come from?

Erik:I like David Beckham’s style. He always looks gentlemanly and elegant but also comfortable.

Moda Roma goes to Florence

Ana Hernandez

Going to Florence? Why not shop?  Where should you shop when going to Florence? What should you look for when you are going there? Do you want couture fashions: Gucci, Pucci, Ferragamo, fine leather? Would you rather shop at Second hand stores and  outdoor markets? Why not shop at both? This week’s blog is going to be about places to shop at in Florence Italy. So get ready, get your maps out, mark down your maps and may your shopping spree begin! Uno, due, tre!!!!

High End Fashion

When looking for couture fashions you should shop along the following streets:
o Via Tornabuoni
o Via della Vigna Nuova
o Via dei Calzaiuoli
These are the three main streets in the Santa Maria Novella district are teeming with the latest fashions from the biggest Italian and international designers.

More affordable fashion

As in Zara and your typical department shops you should check out shops near/around the following :
o Piazza della Repubblica
o Via Calimala
o Via Por Santa Maria
o Via dei Cerretani
o Via dei Banchi

How about more shopping?

Outdoor and vintage markets are common all over Florence. The most famous vendors are around the outside stalls of the markets:
o Mercato Centrale (San Lorenzo district)
o Via della Vigna Nuova or Mercato Nuovo (near Ponte Vecchio)
o Piazza Santo Spirito
o Parco delle Cascine  ( Said to be one of the best)

Furthermore, Florence is known for leather goods and gold!  Leather goods are common all over the city! However, the best place to go to is located outside of the church of San Lorenzo, the most famous place to find leather items. They range from simple bookmarks to belts to beautiful jackets!

As for gold,  Ponte Vecchio is the place to go… sellers line up on either side of the bridge where you can find high quality gold, unique necklaces, bracelets, watches rings and much more!

Leah schroeder

A brief Florientine fashion history.

Emilio Pucci, Roberto Cavalli, Guccio Gucci and Salvatore Ferragamo are a few of the big names involved in the start of Italy’s modern fashion history. 1950’s Florence was the time and the place for Italy to jump onto the fashion world stage. The designers of Florence held Italy’s first fashion show in the Pitti Palace on February 12, 1951. The show was hosted and organized by the Marquis Gian Battista Giorgini. After that day Florence turned into the fashion capital of Italy and continues its hold on Italian fashion today, although many designers and labels are now based in Milan. Florence and the surrounding area continues to have a rich fashion culture. In 1986 a fashion institute was founded in Florence the Istituto Politecnico Internazionale della Moda, the nearby town of Prato has produced textiles since the 12th century and is home to the Museo del Tessuto (the Prato Textile Museum) and many leather products come from the Valdarno area, which is also nearby, and helps Florence continue to be a fashion capital.

Moda Roma:Gucci Gucci Louis Louis Fendi Fendi Prada: A brief guide to Italy’s most famous fashion designers, houses and brands


Leah Schroeder

The rich artistic history of Italy has, in part, led to its current status as one of the top countries in fashion design. During the Renaissance period many Italian cities produced luxury goods such as textiles, clothing and jewelry. Italy owes its present day status to the Fiorentine designers of the 50s and 60s, as Florence is considered the birthplace of modern fashion design in Italy. Milan has now superseded Florence as Italy’s fashion capitol, however. La bella figura – the tradition of attention to dress and impression – is alive in well in Italy, as if all the Italian people stand behind and support its place as a leading fashion capital. Each Italian seems to do his or her part to project an image of stylish nonchalance – as if to say, “Of course we are a leading country in fashion design, just look at us.”

Here is an introduction to a few of Italy’s top fashion designers and labels:


Brioni is a high roller in the men’s fashion world, known for their tailor made specialty suits from a fashion house started in 1945. In the 1950s Brioni became the chosen label for Hollywood celebrities. The designs and tailoring of Brioni has led the way for high-end menswear. Brioni is a label that has risen to the top with creative elegance, all the while maintaining the craft and traditions it was founded on.


A major fashion house founded by Ottavio and Rosita Missoni in 1953, the year they are married. Famous for their knitwear, womenswear and menswear Missoni is a truly prolific brand. The designers experiment with production, material, color and pattern to successful ends making them creative leaders of the fashion world. Ottavio and Rosita’s three children now run the company and Missoni celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2003.


Started in the 1920s Fendi produced fine leather bags and luggage. Fendi is one of the most well known names in luxury bags. Today the creative director is Karl Lagerfeld and the French luxury goods company LVMH owns Fendi.

Ana Hernandez

Laura Biagiotti is famous around the world for her extra ordinary fashions. The New York Times Dubbed her the “ Queen of Cashmere” due to her love for this precious yarn that she has used since her first collection with a refined , unsual approach, evolving into a dimension of style unheard of at the time. Laura Biagiotti is also known for her “Laura Biagiotti dolls”. The “Laura Biagiotti Dolls” is a fashion line designed for little girls starting at 12 years of age. This line was put out on the market by her daughter Lavinia Biagiotti because she wanted to share the fashion of her mother to little ones as well. Laura Biagiotti is not only famous for her Cashmere, Dolls, but also for her shoes, bedding, Vintage line, and much more.

MaxMara is a luxury Italian fashion house known for its ready-to-wear clothing. Their fashion is distributed to over 90 countries. Broken up into smaller labels of Max Mara, it is more feasible for you to pick out the style of fashion. There are a total of 36 labels, including Max Mara a couple of the most known ones are: Sportmax, Weekend Max, Pennyblack and Max & Co. Max Mara is an amazing place to shop, they have a unique and dynamic style that will embrace your body with a sophisticated look of both new and old generations.

Borsalino is the name of a hat company known particularly for its fedoras and founded by Giuseppe Borsalino. His designs, style, and passion have combined to produce great hats for many generations. Borsalino has designed hats that have been worn by famous stars like, Johnny Depp, Leonardo Di Capri, Justin Timberlake and many more who have kept his legend standing. These hats are designed for both men and women with many different styles that have evolved with time.

Dolce&Gabbana is the new luxury, authentic and unconventional. Dolce and Gabbana design is known for clothing, footwear, handbags, watches and my favorite perfumes. Dolce and Gabbana baby blue is an astonishing fragrance that evokes the spirit of Italy, the infinite sky and lighthearted joy. There is baby blue for both men and women. Although, that is one of my favorite fragrances produced by Dolce and Gabbana they also have many more fragrances that smell as delicious as the light blue. However, Dolce and Gabbana doesn’t stop at light blue fragrance, it continues through their stylish glasses and fashionable clothing for both men and women.

If you want more information about Italian fashion designers check out these top labels:


• Armani
• Renato Balestra
• Luisa Beccaria
• Benetton
• Laura Biagiotti
• Blumarine
• Borsalino
• Bottega Veneta
• Brioni
• Byblos
• Canali
• Roberto Cavalli
• Clara Centinaro
• Costume National
• Cotton Club
• Enrico Coveri
• Brunello Cucinelli
• Raffaella Curiel
• Diesel
• Dolce & Gabbana
• Etro
• Fendi
• Salvatore Ferragamo
• Gianfranco Ferré
• Fila
• Fiorucci
• Sorelle Fontana
• Antonio Fusco
• Nazareno Gabrielli
• Gattinoni
• Romeo Gigli
• Gucci
• Krizia
• Lancetti
• André Laug
• Les Copains
• Angelo Litrico
• Marzotto
• Max Mara
• Elena Mirò
• Missoni
• Moschino
• Loro Piana
• Pinko
• Prada
• Emilio Pucci
• Fausto Sarli
• Mila Schön
• Sisley
• Luciano Soprani
• Tod’s
• Trussardi
• Valentino
• Mario Valentino
• Versace
• Egon Von Furstenberg
• Ermenegildo Zegna

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Moda Roma: Saldi! + an Yichen-terview


Saldi in Roma

Saldi (sales) in Roma are unique in that there are only two times of year in which these occasions occur, one in the winter and the other in the summer. These sales go for about a month and a half each, with almost more than 60% off of everything. It is a perfect time to go bargain hunting in the most famous streets of Rome.

The winter sales are held from January 5th till about mid-February, with tons of sweaters, pea-coats, and best known for BOOTS! As for the summer sales, these start in July and end mid-August. In the summer you can find bathing suits, sandals and much more!

From street vending, to boutique shops, to galleria malls, it doesn’t matter what it is or where it is located during these seasons it is on sale!

So why not shop till you drop!

The best shopping areas are:

Via del Corso, Via Condotti, Via Cola di Rienzo, malls Galleria Alberto Sordi and outlets.

  • Via del Condotti  located right across from the Spanish steps,  is Rome’s version of  5th avenue filled with high end luxury Italian and foreign boutiques such as Bulgari, Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Battistoni etc., etc.
  • Via del Corso, which is located alongside century-old shops from leather goods to athletic wear and casual clothing.
  • Via Cola di Rienzo, located just north of the Vatican. It is filled with shops and boutiques aimed at more modest budgets, yet still packed with fresh looks and interesting designers, this is a popular choice with Romans, and less crowded than the more central shopping streets.
  • Galleria Alberto Sordi, is located on Via del Corso. This beautiful galleria is filled with many stores such as Zara, Calvin Klein Jeans, Ottica, Braccialini and many more!

All store windows are filled with Saldi signs! Whether you are looking  for high fashion sales to low budget sales Rome has it all!

Check out these websites for more tips on navigating the sales!







Student interview: Yichen Wang

Interviewer: Leah Schroeder

What are some of your impressions of Rome Fashion?

Yichen: I think that Romans know what they like and they dress well.

What trends have you seen in Roman fashion?

Yichen: I’ve noticed most people wearing down coats, motorcycle boots, oxford shoes, and lots of dark colors.

Where do you find fashion inspiration?

Yichen: I like to find inspiration in window displays, street fashion and I also read some Chinese fashion blogs.

Who is your style icon?

Yichen: I like Mondo Guerra from the show Project Runway. He uses interesting prints in his designs.

Where do you like to shop in Rome?

Yichen: I like to shop in the area around Piazza Santa Maria in Trastevere and on Via Dei Giubbonari near Campo de’Fiori.