Talent is just around the corner…

The longer I spend in Rome the more I realize that music is a huge part of the culture. It has become an integral part of life. In the mornings there’s usually someone playing an accordion on the tram to school, walking around town there are all types of street performers dancing or playing some instrument, and hanging out in Trastevere at night there are bars and cafes full of live performances.

One such performance would be the second appearance of Mis(S)take at the Lettere Caffè that a few friends and I had the enjoyment of seeing. Though Nathan and I have only been there a few times the servers recognized us, and the bassist from the band greets Nathan like a friend. They are happy to have their American audience back and we get a shout out during their performance thanking both Italians and Americans for supporting them. Alessia belts out some of my favorite songs, Florence + the Machine Dog Days Are Over and Massive Attack Teardrops, while maintaining her classy 1940’s style and also adds in a few new ones making for a longer set. Nathan compliments her for being more confident and we appreciate the show because these are the pieces of awesome memories we’ll take back home.

However, talent can be found in other places such as a small street in Trastevere full of lights and people as they wonder into restaurants, shops, and stores unique to this side of the river. Nathan and a few friends and I head off in search of live music “music dal vivo” and though we wander for some time come to no results. Nathan detailed this search this in our last post. Along the way though we walk by two guys with a unique style; one jamming on the guitar has a southwest style yet speaks fast Italian and the other has a style all his own. He is playing a make shift upright bass and has quite the whistling talent. Their jazz music causes us to stop and watch and I felt like I could have lingered there all evening for their performance. They play because they love music and that’s something to be envious of.

I hope you enjoy these video clips and I feel inspired to look for more local talent here and once we are back in good ol’ Norman.

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