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As you may have seen my co-writer  Nathan, and I had a wonderful experience this weekend listening to the band Mistake at Lettere Caffe in Trastevere. They were awesome and everything you’d want to set the bar high for our posts. From now on though we will publish a weekly guide to what’s going on around Rome. I hope this provides an insight into how true Romans live and spend their free time.


Though most movie theaters here show movies in Italian there are a few around that will show big name American movies! For example this coming week you can visit the Nuovo Olimpia on Via in Lucina 16/g off Via del Corso near Via Frattina to see the Oscar nominated film Lincoln starring Daniel Day Lewis. Seeing as how I was so busy packing before we left I didn’t get to see this however now I have the chance to in ROME!


If movies aren’t your thing then try an Italian Opera this week with Il Naso- The Nose written in the 1920’s by Dimitri Shostakovich following the story of a self-important St. Petersburg official whose nose leaves his face and develops a life of its own. You’ll find this comedy at the Teatro dell’Opera di Roma, Piazza Beniamino Gigli (Esquilino) with showings Tuesday 1/29, 8pm; Thursday 1/31, 8pm; Saturday 2/2 6pm; and Sunday 2/3, 4:30pm.


Personally I’ve been to one opera in my life and that was plenty, but I’m always up for listening to live music in a variety of venues and styles. Rome is known for its Jazz music that levels with that of famous American artists and one great place to check this out is Big Mama in Trastevere. Sometimes known as Rome’s house of blues they have nightly music showcasing international and Italian blues and jazz acts. You’ll pay about 10 € for a Big Mama card that lasts several months. Shows start at 10pm but get there early for good seats, and they do accept reservations. Located off of Vicolo San Francesco a Ripa, 18 you can find a listening for all sets at in both English and Italian.

For this week at Big Mama

Thursday 1/31- Daniele Bazzani “solo guitar”

Friday 2/1- Anonima Armonisti “Anonymous Harmonists” A cappella music group.

Saturday 2/2- JJ Janis is Alive where Gianna Chilla will rock out with influence from Janis Joplin.

However as I learned last night occasionally the starter band is more impressive than the actual listed band so never be afraid to just drop in a place for a while before the main show because you might find the next up and coming names.

Some other venues to check into include:

Charity Café- Located in the Monti neighborhood this cocktail bar, wine bar and tea room, hosts jazz jam sessions on Thursday nights after 9:30 pm, jazz ensembles Friday and Saturday, and spins jazz recordings the rest of the week. The address is as follows, Via Painsperna, 68 and they are open Monday-Saturday 6pm- 2am.

We plan to check out as many café venues as possible, as well as dance clubs, concerts, and sporting events so look forward to what’s coming up in this great city.

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