I came, I saw, I blogged.


Nathan Harwell here, gearing up to provide you a weekly dose of envy as Miss Townsend and I tender to you all the amazing entertainment of Rome that you more than likely wont get to experience yourself. : (

But envy not, my amici. As Caty and I walk the entertainment beat of Roma, we will find, record, and blog in such a way that you’ll feel the pulse of the city’s cultural heartbeat right through your web device. The force of our prowess will knock your slippers off and activate the recline feature on your La-Z-Boy. The sheer girth of each and every post will take you on a journalistic journey and leave you feeling as though it were you experiencing the greatest trip of your life.

Live vicariously through us every Sunday as we post the latest happs of this rich and vibrant city.

3 thoughts on “I came, I saw, I blogged.

  1. Nate: good to see your post – how about something on bicycles in Rome? Where are they? Who is riding them? What kind of bicycles are they?

  2. Tom, I’ll pass that question along to the appropriate group. Although I could probably find a way to squeeze it into a post about entertainment, I’m afraid it would require me to actually ride a bike. I know how the old adage goes, but biking in this traffic is not what I want to attempt when in Rome. I’ve seen a few brave souls cruising on some fairly questionably constructed townies, but that’s it. My friend Tyler, a fellow arch student, just bought a road bike today, though. After he swaps out the pedals he plans get his spandex on and hit the streets, hopefully the more secluded ones.

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