Moda Roma: Saldi! + an Yichen-terview


Saldi in Roma

Saldi (sales) in Roma are unique in that there are only two times of year in which these occasions occur, one in the winter and the other in the summer. These sales go for about a month and a half each, with almost more than 60% off of everything. It is a perfect time to go bargain hunting in the most famous streets of Rome.

The winter sales are held from January 5th till about mid-February, with tons of sweaters, pea-coats, and best known for BOOTS! As for the summer sales, these start in July and end mid-August. In the summer you can find bathing suits, sandals and much more!

From street vending, to boutique shops, to galleria malls, it doesn’t matter what it is or where it is located during these seasons it is on sale!

So why not shop till you drop!

The best shopping areas are:

Via del Corso, Via Condotti, Via Cola di Rienzo, malls Galleria Alberto Sordi and outlets.

  • Via del Condotti  located right across from the Spanish steps,  is Rome’s version of  5th avenue filled with high end luxury Italian and foreign boutiques such as Bulgari, Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Battistoni etc., etc.
  • Via del Corso, which is located alongside century-old shops from leather goods to athletic wear and casual clothing.
  • Via Cola di Rienzo, located just north of the Vatican. It is filled with shops and boutiques aimed at more modest budgets, yet still packed with fresh looks and interesting designers, this is a popular choice with Romans, and less crowded than the more central shopping streets.
  • Galleria Alberto Sordi, is located on Via del Corso. This beautiful galleria is filled with many stores such as Zara, Calvin Klein Jeans, Ottica, Braccialini and many more!

All store windows are filled with Saldi signs! Whether you are looking  for high fashion sales to low budget sales Rome has it all!

Check out these websites for more tips on navigating the sales!







Student interview: Yichen Wang

Interviewer: Leah Schroeder

What are some of your impressions of Rome Fashion?

Yichen: I think that Romans know what they like and they dress well.

What trends have you seen in Roman fashion?

Yichen: I’ve noticed most people wearing down coats, motorcycle boots, oxford shoes, and lots of dark colors.

Where do you find fashion inspiration?

Yichen: I like to find inspiration in window displays, street fashion and I also read some Chinese fashion blogs.

Who is your style icon?

Yichen: I like Mondo Guerra from the show Project Runway. He uses interesting prints in his designs.

Where do you like to shop in Rome?

Yichen: I like to shop in the area around Piazza Santa Maria in Trastevere and on Via Dei Giubbonari near Campo de’Fiori.

Benvenuto al Tavolo!

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Italian life and culture: caffè

My name is Michael Dean.

I’m working on an assignment for class with my pal Grant. We have to document Italian life and culture. I am not Italian. He is not Italian. We are in Italy, but do not belong here.

My name is Michael Dean. I have a headache. Coffee. Caffè latte. Cappuccino. Caffè macchiato. The words roll off of my tongue as I practice ordering. Buongiorno, vorrei un caffèccino. I messed up. The woman looks at me like I have three heads. For all I know, I do. Grant isn’t with me. He could save this; he’d say something funny and we’d all laugh. Mi dispiace; vorrei un cappuccino. I hand over €1,30. In Italy they use commas as decimal points. While I’m patting myself on the back over this knowledge the lady scowls and gives me back the €0,20 coin I overpaid.

My name is Michael Dean. I have to keep it in my head so I don’t lose myself. Mi chiamo Michael Dean. The headache never went away. Grant still isn’t here. I don’t know why he would be; I never asked him to come. On the TV there’s a commercial for CRYSTAL PARTY. It’s mesmerizing. It’s from the early 90s, it has to be. CRYSTAL PARTY wants me to buy things from it. CRYSTAL PARTY is so self-consciously cheesy I can’t tear my eyes away. CRYSTAL PARTY is my entire world for the next twenty seconds.

My name is Michael Dean. I’m being jostled by Italians. Why do Italians like to jostle? I’m in their way, obviously. Scusi. Permesso. I’m taking up valuable space at the coffee bar. Cafffè Camerino: il caffè con tre “effe”. I struggle to figure out what this means. Why is there an extra F? It’s making my headache worse. CRYSTAL PARTY isn’t helping, at all. It’s the third time I’ve seen the commercial. I am so confused. I do not speak Italian. I pat my shoulders to reassure myself I have only one head. The barista looks at me even more strangely than the lady at the register did.

My name is Kool Moe Dee. I am so kool. I have achieved this level of kool by jostling, and by speaking Italian. I am Italian. Il conto, per favore. Buonasera. I can sling travel-guide phrases with the best of them. I do it with confidence. Wherever Grant is, surely he is also Italian. We are jostling together, in spirit. The embarrassing €0,20 comes in handy because I want another coffee. I don’t mess up this time. Vorrei un cappuccino. Perfetto. Va bene. Bravissimo. CRYSTAL PARTY shows up again. I dismiss it. CRYSTAL PARTY is banishèd forthwith. I jostle my way back to the bar. The barista nods approvingly. The cappuccino is delicious, better than the first one.

My name is Michael Dean. I am in Italy. I can buy coffee. My headache is even gone.


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